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James Hardie's HardieDeckā„¢ system, the new breed in decking

September 29, 2015

Living is easy with HardieDeck™. Defined by clean, modern lines & built to withstand the demands of the Australian outdoors, HardieDeck™ gives you the chance to enjoy life, rather than work on your deck.

Made For Your Climate 

HardieDeck™ enhances outdoor living in Australian conditions from country to coast, tropical rainforests to urban areas. Use it to give an old deck a new life, or create a brand new outdoor room, pool surround, balcony, sundeck, boardwalk or stunning entrance for your home.

Modern Good Looks 

Its distinctive broad architectural profile turns heads & makes it a stunning addition to modern or traditional homes alike.

Low Maintenance

Your deck is the perfect place to spend time outdoors with family & friends. The HardieDeck™ system is low maintenance & ‘low worry’, so you can enjoy a great looking deck, without the usual hard work.

Safe & Solid Underfoot 

This is a robust new breed of decking, made from the same stuff used in building projects throughout the world. It’s securely fixed, giving it a sturdy feel & making it smooth to walk on, with no splinters or nails to get in your way.

Robust Durability

HardieDeck™ is tough & hard wearing - fire, water & termite resistant, backed by a 10 year warranty ensuring you’ll enjoy the outdoors for many years to come.

When installed & maintained correctly & to the extent set out in James Hardie’s published literature current at the time of installation.

Raw with Clear Coat Painted in Shale Grey Painted in Bedrock

There’s Nothing Fake About HardieDeck™ 

Inspired by the practical benefits & timeless look of boat deck caulking, it has been engineered to perform all year round.

The Australian elements can be unforgiving, but HardieDeck™ offers you a real solution & real benefits. With its head-turning style & a fully decked-out list of features, HardieDeck™ makes the great outdoors great.

A modern, structural decking system, HardieDeck™ gives you the perfect mix of form & function.

Clean Lines, Extra Wide  

Clean lines, an extra wide 196mm board & an extensive range of colour options makes designing your outdoor living space with HardieDeck™ a joy.

Using the patent pending ‘Fast-track’ fixing system, each HardieDeck™ board is attached through a clever concealed fixing process that allows the surface to remain beautifully smooth & safe to walk on (no splinters or nails sticking up), just like an indoor floorboard. This is, after all, an outside ‘room’.

The specially designed edge pieces create a professional finish. So, traditionally, what was once a time-consuming process, has been revolutionised.

HardieDeck™ is also compatible with a wide range of patterns & finishes to give your outdoor space the perfect look & feel.

Source: James Hardie, HardieDeck™ Consumer Brochure


  • Bushfire Approved BAL-FZ
  • Resistant to Rotting
  • Resistant to Termites
  • Resistant to Moisture Damage
  • Safe & Solid Underfoot
  • Wide Colour Choice (Paints & Sealers)
  • 10 Year System Warranty

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