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Why winter is the best time to build your fence

July 7, 2015

Most of us think that waiting for the weather to warm up before installing a fencing system around our home seems like a logical solution, when in fact, building a residential fence or other outdoor landscaping & construction project during the colder winter months is actually a better choice for a conscious consumer.

Let us share with you some of the benefits of completing a fencing project during the winter months.

Beat the spring rush & install your fence now

Professional landscaping businesses time tends to fill up pretty quickly from September through to December with new & repeat contracted business. As soon as the weather starts to warm up, everyone decides it’s time to get that outdoor project finished asap. Trying to book in a job during the spring to summer period could mean a longer turn around as you wait for your name to move up on a waiting list. However, if you decide to start your fencing project during winter, fencing contractors will have more time to provide you with estimations, designs & bookings.

Want to save some dollars?

Winter is an off peak season for outdoor constructions, just as you can save money on accommodation & travel during off-peak holiday periods, it is more likely that you can pay a little less for your home fence installation or fencing materials during the winter months due to the fact that people aren’t considering their outdoor projects until later in the year.
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Less time spent from start to finish

Queensland’s summer months, with all the rain & storms can be the worse time to install your residential fence. Digging in mud is never easy, post holes tend to fill with water when there’s lots of rain coming down & this can postpone any outdoor project. Don’t get stuck with a half constructed fence due to bad weather.

Ready to roll when the weather warms up

Let’s face it, people use their yards more in the warmer months, so if you produce your fence during the winter you will get less disruption to your outside time. When it’s cold outside, let those fencing contractors get the job done whilst you enjoy the warmth inside.