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Giving 2nd grade decking timber a second chance

December 11, 2015

This deck was built by Jamie Herbert using all timbers supplied from 5 Star Timbers at Ewing Road, Woodridge.

Bearers & joists & noggins of 145 x 50 rough sawn hardwood, 90 x 90 Kwila posts & 140 x 45 handrail (flush back finished, checked in 10mm and glued only - no nails!!!). All from the top shelf range but the thing that stands this deck out from most others is the decking boards we used.

5 Star Timbers had 900 lineal metres of "Cover Grade" or "2nd Grade" 90 x 19 Australian Hardwood decking boards. They had been in the yard for quite some time and nobody wanted to use them so they approached me and asked if I had a project coming up that I would be prepared to use them on.

I knew that with a little more effort and careful sorting of the boards I would be able to produce a top class deck for my client & if a picture is worth a thousand words, these photos are testament of what can be achieved with just a little more work & patience.

Feedback from my client was:

"Man, that is the best deck I have ever seen, I love it". 

It did come up pretty good, especially after 4 coats of Feast & Watson Natural Water Based Oil & definitely in the top couple of decks I have done in the last 25years.

Cheers Justin, Peter, Steve, Barry, Ed & the rest of the crew at 5 Star Timbers, always a pleasure to do business with you guys and thank you for all your help over the last 12 months.

- Jamie

But that's not all, Jamie has since completed another deck using the "2nd Grade" Australian Hardwood decking boards, & may we say it come up a treat & received honourable mentions from the judges of our recent "Show us your Deck" competition.

Jamie Herbert Deck featuring natural tree trunks for posts & "2nd Grade" decking boards.