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5 Star's Commonwealth Games - Delivery Action Plan

January 19, 2018

As you would be aware, the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games are just around the corner,
taking place from the 4th of April through to the 15th of April.
According to the relevant state and local Governments it is without doubt going to have an impact
on how we do business during this period and will cause a numerous amount of delays throughout
the Gold Coast region and the M1 between Brisbane and Gold Coast. This is due to major traffic
delays associated with the amount of traffic expected to be on the roads and multiple road closures
in and around the games precinct.
In order to prepare for this in advance and minimise the impact to our customers during this period,
5 Star Timbers will implement the following strategies to help ensure our delivery process continues
to flow with minimal disruptions:
5 Star Timbers will implement a minimum 48hr notice from customers for delivery to allow
  for efficient 
planning of freight routes.
5 Star Timbers Stapylton Branch, will limit freight scheduling to 2 loads per day with an
  aim to avoid peak t
raffic times and, where possible be on site as early as council
  regulations permit. 
We strongly recommend that our Customers place and have orders delivered well in

  Or, if possible consider having goods required during this period delivered to site prior
  to the 4th of April or a
t a minimum, at least the day prior to work commencing.

This will help avoid costly labour charges associated with waiting for deliveries that may be
unavoidably delayed.
Our goal through this Games period is to continue to work with our Customers and avoid any
associated problems or delays that this event is going to cause.
If you have any questions that you would like to discuss in relation to this matter, please do not
hesitate to contact us on 07 3386 1055.
Thank you in advance for time and patients in this regard.
- The 5 Star Timbers Team.
Get a copy of our Action Plan here: